General FAQ

1. What is Linistry?

Linistry is a cloud based Queue Management and Sales Support System, offering remote queuing, on-site queueing and appointment scheduling. All, without downloading an app, with smart functionalities.

2. Is it an add-on solution to an existing traditional queue management system?

No, Linistry is a full functionality queue management system, taking care of traditional and modern ways of queueing.

3. Do I need a Queue Management or Appointment System?

Even if queues are not present or not always present, a queue management system can help you manage busy periods, measure and control quality, decrease churn, communicate better with your customers, understand service patterns, provide appointment scheduling, collect visitor data in a GDPR compliant way, cross-sell your other products.

4. It all sounds complicated.

We work a lot on making things simple. Test it yourself on our pilot system how far we've got.

5. Do customers who want to queue need to pay for the service?

Depends on your choice. Service providers can charge a fee or make queueing available free of charge.

6. What hardware is needed?

Varies accross industries and customers. We can deliver and recommend kiosks (simple and complex) and information displays. We can even make the service availabe on standard tablets or existing hardware.

7. Can Linistry print paper tickets?

Although we strongly believe in digital solutions, we can deliver kiosks printing paper tickets. The software is designed to save paper.

8. What languages does Linistry support?

Linistry supports any language.

9. Can Linistry UI be branded?

Yes, we can brand our screens as per our customer' needs.