Benefits of
our service

Improve your efficiency,
and boost your business!

This is what Linistry means for customers.

We compiled Linistry’s unique attributes which can serve as a winning asset for your business regarding customer service, marketing and sales

Can improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty by eliminating waiting on location, providing valuable free time.

It is a combination of ad-hoc queuing and appointment booking. This way everyone can freely find what they like.

Order and system in customer service, reducing overcrowding even in situations lacking resources.

Multiple ways of queuing with Linistry: built into an existing application, on a webpage without an application, in a chatbot, at a ticket dispenser and even without a digital device with on location assistance. The system provides opportunity for credit card and other chip / magnetic card identification as well.

Profit can be made by increasing revenue and decreasing expenses. Linistry adjusts to the existing process of business.

Linistry is a real gatekeeper: with the ability to manage customers, according to needs, between personal and electronic channels of customer service.

Dynamic, visual display of data, drill down, Excel-export, executive dashboard, real-time reports: information about performance and effective decision making support.

Brand building and digitalization without culture change: on-trend for the youth and accessible for the older generation.

Marketing communication: personalized advertisements,  user interfaces corresponding with brand image on location and on mobile devices.

Gathering customer data and customer feedback with an integrated survey engine. Data request when queuing online.

Notifications, alerts, priority management and the intelligent learning algorithm mean better organized processes, more effective co-workers. All to improve customer service.

The web-based service can be launched without installation and can be implemented within days. The extensive parameterization option built into the system frees the organization from lengthy developments. Linistry is available even without an initial investment.

Linistry has proven its flexibility in several infrastructures and in its interaction with a number of hardware products. On request we can assist in setting-up a new device park or can use the existing IT set.

In accordance with industry standards Linistry’s API provides smooth cooperation with systems that are already in use. No need for new channels regarding customer communication.

Operating Linistry is our task. We provide the infrastructure through Microsoft Azure datacenters, therefore our solution can be implemented even without prior investment.

Payment can be according to your needs,  with flexibility and based on use.

Environmentally conscious technology, partially reducing or completely eliminating the use of paper. Due to its simplicity the paper-free solution is extremely economical and low-maintenance. Linistry offers the option of paper-saving printing.

Microsoft Azure security, geo-redundant design, detailed logging, access to user data according to authorization levels.

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