How Linistry works

A flexible customer queue management system
tailored to your specific needs

Outstanding customer experience with Linistry


Easy access

Linistry is accessible on location and from afar.


Bonus free time

The customer can spend their time freely, anywhere they choose.


Notification exactly at the right time.

The customer receives information concerning the time and date of the service.


Background work

The system can assist in planning work based on incoming data: showing peak hours and less busy intervals that can be strengthened through appropriate communication

Easier to start than you would think

Our service can be implemented within an extremely short time. You can strengthen customer satisfaction with minimum or no initial investment, utilize cross-selling opportunities and make work more efficient.


Operation of the customer calling system can be configured according to the needs identified during consultations.

Tesztüzem, ajánlat
Test run

Linistry has free trial and is available commitment-free.


The Linistry application is easy to use and intuitive, therefore doesn’t require considerable effort on the part of the organization


Our technical customer service is available through multiple channels: help desk, telephone (+44 20 3314 9150), e-mail (, chat.

Do you need improvement in your queue management, and customers' journey?

We offer customized solutions tailored to your company or sector.

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