Two in one:

a walk-in beauty service without waiting – the Biohair secret

”They say you have to reinvent yourself every seven years. We are continuously evolving according to market demands and the needs of our customers.” - says Gabriella Perger, owner and manager of Biohair salons. 2017-2018 was a time of re-positioning – the franchise network introduced a new brand image with new services for customers and employees alike.

An important step in our evolution is the introduction of the Linistry service, which supports the basic concept of the company, having a walk-in system, while eliminating unpredictable waiting time.

Who enjoys waiting tensely for an indefinite period of time or working under intense pressure? We recently observed that in busier salons waiting time has increased, and therefore many people left after 45 minutes – explains the manager. Peak time is at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, when waiting time can last up to one hour.

Linistry's offer came just at the right time, because naturally we would like to keep our customers and captivate new ones. Our goal, at the same time, is to provide a calm and more predictable work environment for our employees.

The master of time is the customer.

Over the course of a six month trial period in a template salon it turned out that Linistry's solution was worth using after a waiting time of half an hour, thus the company was able to acquire new customers. Close to half of the 40 partner members of the network have made the service available. The system has proven useful especially in the more busy locations such as shopping malls.

”Customers welcome the opportunity, because they don't have to download anything, only their telephone number is needed and the program is operated by the receptionist.” - adds Zsigmond Kővári, one of the founders of Linistry, who, along with his colleagues, provided constant presence and support in introducing the new service in our salons. The job of the receptionist is not complicated by Linistry either, because it is embedded in the core system.

Customers are free to use the waiting time as they wish, receiving a text message shortly before call time, notifying them that it will soon be their turn.

Second step – a click from afar

”We are also ready with further new enhancements, the second step of implementation. Customers will not have to come in personally, instead they will be able to make an appointment on the company's website and choose the desired salon. - continues Gabriella Perger. We feel that it is worth introducing the new system in multiple steps, in order for customers to be more open to the service. Employees can breathe with relief – with no crowds it is easier to plan their day.”

The most dynamic franchise

In 2012 the company won the Hungarian Franchise Association prize, due to continuous developments and quick results.

”I believe in reinvention. In 2010 we started with simple services, such as washing, cutting and drying. In the second year we discovered that there was a need for additional services for women, therefore we introduced dyeing, manicure, pedicure and cosmetic treatments also and since 2014 we have been providing our own brand of organic beauty products. This year and the coming year is a time of rebranding.” - states Gabriella Perger. Tailored to the demands of the market, a new line will appear in the salons aimed at busy men with high standards.

Biohair is constantly developing and improving quality, therefore also having the ability to expand.