Channel Optimization

Generating profit by selecting the right channel

Linistry directs customers needing a service between electronic and personal customer service channels following a predetermined logic, thus contributing to an efficient customer service.

In order to spend quality time with your customers, it is worthwhile to choose the customer service channel consciously. While personal customer service doesn’t add value to certain customers or services, people still show up in person. Unfortunately, this does not leave enough time for value-added personal, consultative service to clients with potential to grow.

For personal service, customers can initiate convenient remote queuing with Linistry, which is a great opportunity to direct the customer to the right channel before they go on-site. The final decision of how to receive the service remains in the hands of the customers, but they see exactly what other more convenient, faster channels there are at their disposal.

A well-chosen channel generates significant profits as colleagues involved in personal customer service are freed from routine transactions and can participate in higher value-added tasks instead.

According to our calculations, with the help of efficient channel optimization, the cost of the queue management system pays off many times over.

Ask for a consultation and we will help you set up the most appropriate channel optimization logic.

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