Benefits of
our service

Improve your efficiency,
and boost your business!

Customer Experience


...customers get the gift of free time, spending it as they wish, browsing or shopping.

Say farewell to idle waiting...


Customers in line can indicate their name or title when queueing both on-site or remotely.

Call customers by their name


There are many ways to join a queue: through an existing application, on a website without an application, in a chatbot, on an automated machine, or even without a digital device, with on-site personal help. Identification is also possible with credit card or other chip / magnetic card.

Easy to use


We've combined ad-hoc queuing with scheduling for everyone to find what they need.

Join queues virtually or request an appointment


Depending on implementation, customers can avoid using paper slips.



Customers will have enough time to learn about your company's other services and buy your products.

Enough time for browsing, more time for shopping.


Display corporate image (branding, trademarks, colors)

Share marketing messages on digital tickets or on-site display

Gather feedback with the built in survey-engine

Employee Satisfaction

Satisfied employees: working is easier with satisfied customers

Reducing congestion in the customer space/at the venue


The system's intelligent, learning algorithm predicts increased customer flow, and helps adjust the assigment of colleagues accordingly. No idle staff: workload is better distributed, productivity increased.

Better organized processes, more effective employees, at branches/stores/customer service points



Aiming for simplicity, our web-based service needs no installation and can be implemented within days (in a simple deployment). The system's built-in, wide-ranging parameterization capability helps to avoid a lengthy development process.

Plug&Play. Quick and easy start, plug&play experience.


We have experience with multiple hardware systems and can help you choose the right hardware or we can build on your existing environment. Linistry offers a manufacturer-independent solution.

Flexible physical implementation


Industry-standard communication with external systems.

Easy to integrate with existing systems using API


A queue management system does not necessarily mean an excess of hardware. Following a consultation we offer you an ideal setup tailored to your needs.

Install with minor or zero investment


Save all costs of printing by choosing a digital solution.

Economical solution


Pricing is based on the number of service locations, this way you only pay for what you use.

Flexible subscription pricing

Main Features of Our Services

Remote queuing with expected queuing calculations


Manage the customer queue, redirect, call back, or put costumers on hold, as needed.

Corporate level customer calling features


No need for printing devices, paper slips, or paper rolls of the regular customer calling systems. Our queuing system operates on screens with clear instructions, and is optimized for paperless use.

Digital on-site queuing without paper slips

Integrated appointment scheduling

Notifications and alerts for important business events

Wide-ranging parameterization capability

Platform independent online service

Corporate level security features


Impressive data visualization, data drilling and deep analysis with built-in, easy-to-use dashboards.

Clear data


Real time reports and alerts that allow for rapid intervention.

Real time reports

Reports according to eligibility level

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