MKB Bank introduced a digital customer queue management system in record time

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, MKB emphasises ensuring personal safety more than ever. The financial institution introduced booking appointments and queuing digitally in its busiest branches in cooperation with the Hungarian start-up, Linistry. As a result, waiting times in enclosed spaces available for the clients can be effectively shortened, which reduces the risk of infection.

As of 25 March 2020, MKB Bank introduces the digital customer queue management system in its branch offices in Duna Pláza, Árkád-Örs vezér tér, Nyugati tér, Szeged-Kölcsey utca, that enables the clients to book appointments and queue remotely.

The new system minimises unnecessary on-site waiting times and physical contact with the crowds and also with the currently used ticket dispensers.

Interested parties may get to know more about the use of the digital customer queueing system on

MKB Bank’s aim is to utilise the system in all of its branches.

Gyula Kövesdán, the CEO of Linistry Zrt. said the following:

Our system proved to be useful in many sectors. Together with MKB Bank we managed to introduce the system in record time, and the past few weeks’ remote consultations did not slow down the implementation process either. We are excited to see what the future holds for us.