Digital System

to Solve the Queuing and Reduce gatherings Problems

Algotech Egypt, the emerging digital solutions company, has announced the launch of a new digital system to virtually manage the waiting of clients in lines for services “queues”, aiming at saving their time and effort, as well as keeping their health and safety and reducing the gatherings in light of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Clients, nowadays, are facing many challenges when waiting for a certain service. For instance, the lack of social distance while queuing for a long time, in addition to the waste of time. Also, it is a challenge, especially for the handicap and elder clients, who are unable to wait for a long time.

The chair of the board of directors of Algotech Egypt, Tarek Abdel Ghafaar, said that the company was newly established to adopt the digital queuing system.

“We believe in the future of digitalization in Egypt and the confidence of both the governmental and private sector in using and applying the system on a large scale to maintain social distancing and, therefore, to avoid the spread of COVID-19,” Abdel Ghafaar stated.


Adding, “especially after the success that has been achieved by this system in Europe and after obtaining the franchise right of digital queue system from Europe.” 


Abdel Ghafaar pointed out that the digital queuing system is a user-friendly system as it allows its users to log into it and register their arriving time. Therefore, the system will calculate the waiting time and when their turn approaches, the system will send them a text message to save the customers’ time and effort.


Algotech Egypt has launched its new virtual digital queue system to enhance the customer experience and save more than 30 million minutes that customers spend standing in lines. This system, which has been tested globally in Europe and Asia, has proven its ability to provide a smooth and effective customer service experience.