Eurowings Innovation Challenge:

The start-up company Linistry won the challenge

The start-up company Linistry won the challenge in the category corporate customers: Linistry demonstrated the extent to which airport processes such as check-in and boarding can be optimized in times of corona, thereby making the entire customer journey for customers even more pleasant and safe. To reduce queues, maintain the minimum distance and avoid crowds, the Budapest based start-up company has submitted the second winning project with high added value for customers with a virtual system that, among other things, generates personalized boarding or check-in slots online for each passenger. Linistry and Eurowings jointly enable customers to book certain times, for example for check-in or boarding at the airport. With just a few clicks, long queues can be conveniently avoided and the relevant minimum distance at full airports can be maintained, says Linistry. Passengers also benefit from time savings: they can optimize their time at the airport by reserving a later boarding slot, for example, and use the remaining time to work or do their shopping in the terminal. This project is expected to be tested at Eurowings at the beginning of October and implemented subsequently. With the implementation of the winning projects, Eurowings is redesigning the future of flying together with its customers and bringing people and cultures back together again after the corona crisis.