OTP Startup Partner Program

In 2020, the number of companies provided with the opportunity to participate in the Programme was above 10 for the first time during the history of the Programme, which was enabled by the outstanding professional preparedness of the applying start-ups and the increasing commitment of the banking departments to the cooperation with start-ups. As a result, 13 companies in their start-up or scale-up phases took part in the programme period between 2 March 2020 and 20 May 2020.

The participants cooperated with the banking departments not only in Hungary, but also on four other markets of the banking group, namely Albania, Croatia, Russia and Serbia so that they can test the compatibility of their solutions and the given banking department, and improve their services based on their mentor’s feedback.

As usual, 5+1 topics were available for the interested companies: advanced data analytics, customer experience and customer servicing, internal efficiency, product specific innovations, corporate banking and completely new, disruptive solutions connected to the banking sector that do not fit into the above-mentioned categories.

The activities of the selected start-ups perfectly match one of the aforementioned topics:

  • Data analytics solution is provided by Neticle that operates a platform for media monitoring and emotion analysis, while MostlyAI generates synthetic data sets without personal data from real data sets that are then suitable for testing.
  • EdgeTier supports better customer service through its intelligent assistant developed for call centre employees providing response templates for the incoming requests. Linistry, at the same time, enables the customers to take numbers to manage their accounts in a branch office remotely through its queue management system available on mobile devices. The Waay provides lifestyle-based banking with relevant, quality contents and offers that are consistent with the customer’s current circumstances.
  • The most efficient internal operation is ensured by Banzai Cloud that combines state-of-the-art cloud and container technologies, and makes it possible to quickly develop, implement and scale cloud applications. Besides that, LutherOne and EDUardo optimise HR processes – the former provides a comprehensive platform for smooth and real-time feedback and staff performance measurement, while the latter develops an online business and corporate management simulation platform that helps the employees acquire different kinds of knowledge through lifelike situations. •    FINQware develops an API aggregator platform for Central and Eastern Europe that contributes to the renewal of different banking products; Sanostro makes a wide range of investment signals gathered from hedge funds accessible for investment analysts and Realmonitor promises the best prices for home purchases with the help of its real estate price monitoring application.
  • Last, but not least, Trustchain complements corporate banking with new items by operating a platform for B2B partners to enable the identification of business partners and the online management of corresponding documents, while Scolvo makes business consultants’ visits to the clients smoother by its application that supports customer profiling and the provision of quotations.