How Linistry works

A flexible customer queue management system
tailored to your specific needs

Imagine two companies- One of them uses a traditional customer queuing system: arrive at a branch/store/customer service point, push a button, get a paper slip with a number and wait...

In contrast, imagine queuing for the service of the other company with your phone, whenever and wherever you want: from home, or on the go. Then, knowing the approximate waiting time, using your time as you wish: like going for coffee, browsing, window shopping, or making calls. Once it’s close to your turn, you will be notified on your phone, at which point you can comfortably finish what you’re doing, and with no need to rush, head over to the location of the service. When you arrive, you will be served within minutes.

Which company’s customer would you prefer to be? Would you like to be company No. 2 and provide outstanding customer experience?

Don’t waste your costumers’ time by making them wait in line. Get more people to choose your business, stand out from the competition. Contact us for details!

Customer onboarding with Linistry


Convenient check-in

check in either on-site or remotely (even from home),
no need for customers to wait in line.


The gift of free time

Waiting takes place in the virtual line.
Customers can enjoy their free time as they please.


Be notified in time

Customers queueing remotely get a notification, when their turn or appointment is approaching. Customers queueing on-site can monitor the progress of their line on displays.


Meanwhile, behind the scenes

Based on the data available, the system calculates when to expect more customers and indicates when more employees will be needed.
It contributes to creating a more efficient work schedule and provides the company quick business intelligence reports.

Do you need improvement in your queue management, and customers' journey?

We offer customized solutions tailored to your company or sector.

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What to expect if you implement Linistry?

Service implementation in a very short time. You can strenghten your customers satisfaction with zero or minimal investment, take advantage of cross-selling opportunities, and make your customer service more efficient.


We fine-tune the operation modes of our queue management system by consulting our customers and assessing their needs. Contact us to help you find the solution that best fits you and your company!

Test run, offer
Test run

Try Linistry without obligation, ask for a trial version! Following a successful test, we'll make an offer that is right just for you.


In need of improving your queue management and your customers’ journey? We offer customized solutions tailored to your company or sector.


Our support team is available to our clients through several channels: helpdesk, phone, email.