MEEX-Linistry project:

Let Your Phone Wait in Line!

MEEX, organizer of the largest Central and Eastern European gamer and IT event series and host of numerous other festivals, has increased visitor numbers at its IT events from 1 500 to 100 000 over the past 6 years. The company puts great emphasis on innovative solutions, therefore it has used Linistry's mobile queue management system  since the beginning of 2017. Visitors can now explore and enjoy the cavalcade of programs instead of waiting in line for 5-6 hours. Digital tickets and notifications are delivered to visitors’ phones when it is their turn.

Meex Group, founded in 2005, started organizing IT gaming youth events in 2011, attracting over 100,000 visitors last year. Events are currently run in five cities across Hungary, and the biggest challenge – given the huge interest - is the availability of venues and facilities.

"The IT gaming event market has exploded," says Gergely Csanda, Managing Director of Meex Group. "Right from the start, one of the most striking problems we faced was that of coordinating long lines. We put many cordons and fences in place to properly isolate crowded lines, but we felt that we needed to do more. For example, a YouTube star (video blogger) may attract 6,000 people to an event, meaning 10 intense hours of signing autographs a day, and the same amount of nerve-racking queuing for visitors who expect quality service for their money."

"No one wants to be frustrated when one has already paid for a service."

The digital ticket

Linistry tailored the queue management system to meet the size and profile of the event.

"Some of the visitors were hesitant at first but they quickly realized the advantages of the system. Linistry's colleagues were flexible and patient in helping them through the program and so they were able to meet their beloved stars without physically standing in line for long hours” – explains Gergely Csanda.

The system is simple and user-friendly: you do not need to download anything, just hit a few clicks in your mobile browser and you have successfully joined the line.

Not having a smartphone or phone is not a problem either: send a text (SMS) or ask an organizer for help. The expected waiting time can be tracked on the phone and Linistry sends a text message in time before the visitor is called. "We used the system for lines where fans met YouTubers and where visitors tried various VR (Virtual Reality) games. We also received positive feedback from YouTubers personally – earlier they had been signing autographs for 10 hours without a break just to satisfy their fans, but now they can enjoy the event in more relaxed conditions, taking lunch breaks without infuriating masses of visitors standing nearby.

Our work relationship with Linistry has been seamless, they immediately understand what an event organiser company needs and are really flexible when it comes to delivery. Their communication is precise. During an event they handle emergency situations proactively and make queuing painless. We are grateful for their services.

2 Years Saved

At first, Linistry staff co-ordinated the operation of the queue management system on-site, but now they assume a supporting role, Meex colleagues use Linistry independently. A smaller line can be handled by 1 host, for a line with thousands of visitors the assistance of 3-4 people is needed. This number will decrease further as the system becomes known among event visitors and repeat users become the majority. According to statistics, approximately 70% of the people are able to join the line alone the first time, and when using Linistry for the second time, they do not ask for help - adds Dániel Boross, one of the co-founders of Linistry.

During the spring season of MineShow (3 days), we saved 1,058,559 minutes for visitors. This is more than 2 years of free time, to be spent as they wish.

According to our on-site surveys, 96% of visitors rated Linistry as top box."

PlayIT Budapest, the most significant event of MEEX with attendees upwards of 20.000, took place in April with the Linistry system in place. Visitors could enjoy the novelties of the computer gaming market, the latest technology developments and hardware – featuring eSport events, costume cosplay presentations, and numerous games. Organizers offered extra experiences this year, including bringing popular stars of US TV series to the event and also video gaming in the framework of classical music performances.

Linistry was operating at the busiest events: at the Youtuber autograph signings, the Video arena, the escape room, the Game of Thrones Lounge and at the race simulator. The numbers speak for themselves: 6 locations were handled by Linistry, covering 17 lines. It translates into 6,626,630 minutes saved for 6626 people, which is over 14 months in total or 1.5 hours per person.

Quality investment

Linistry means no-stress queuing. In other respects, it prepares and informs people. There are no disappointments for visitors since it is clear from the start how many people can fit into a queue and what the waiting time will be.

"They know what to expect, -highlights MEEX’s Managing Director. - We are constantly trying to provide more for the visitors. Given that we have the greatest reach in this age group, we also have a social responsibility. That is why we are organizing the "Stop violence" campaign, sports and cultural events. From the biggest things to the smallest details, we place great importance on planning ahead and investing energy, because it is always worth it, and not just financially. "

Meex and Linistry are constantly developing their collaboration and improving the software based on user feedback, so that the system is simpler and at optimum level for each new event.