Linistry was a success

at Sziget Festival

Standing in line at festivals can be a common thing. At this year's Sziget Festival and Balaton Sound, visitors tried Linistry, and as a result could enjoy their free time instead of waiting in line. For us organizers, congestion and other complications were not an issue either.

When I first heard about Linsitry I wasn't entirely convinced, but due to my interest in new solutions I thought, let's give it a try. Last year at Balaton Sound there were some who had to stand in line for hours at the camping check-in, so this is where we first implemented Linistry. Visitors took to it and it was a success. Instead of waiting in a long line, they could go and have a beer, go for a swim in the Balaton or relax in the shade. My colleagues in organizing also found it useful, since it made crowds easier to manage and the load was more evenly distributed.

After the experiences at Balaton Sound we successfully launched Linistry in three locations at Sziget Festival. More than 6000 attendants used Linistry and approximately 11 months of time was saved and used freely. Linistry was a success at Sziget Festival” Tibor Tóth, Head of Service Development at Sziget