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What are the financial advantages of Linistry?

Customers are dissatisfied when having to wait. This may occur at certain times of the month or the year, for example during campaigns. With Linistry, you can eliminate idle waiting and optimize the workload of your employees.

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to increase sales, we designed our service with this in mind. Built-in functions help increase cross-sales and reduce drop-out rates.

Due to its architecture, Linistry can easily be implemented, fast integrated with existing systems and operated economically. Linistry queue management in Banking, Insurance and Customer Service.

Linistry queue management in Banking, Insurance and Customer Service

Linistry is a ready-to-use, fully functional digital queue management solution.
Its exceptional flexibility, makes it possible for every individual need to be met.


We combined ad-hoc queuing with scheduling for everyone to find what they need. There are many ways to queue with Linistry: built into an existing application, on a website without an application, in a chatbot, on an automated device, or even without a digital device, with on-site help. Credit card or other chip/magnetic card identification also available.

Indulge your customers

Scheduling, remote or on-site queuing? Customers can decide at will. It's integrated. A perfect start to your customer service!


Digital interfaces (digital tickets, number displays) provide an excellent opportunity for customers to browse offers and messages while waiting.

Customer call-in as a sales/communication tool

Would like to know if a customer is interested in a featured product or service? We have the solution.

Wide-ranging functionality

A fully fledged caller/customer management solution with sophisticated corporate level functionality to support simple and complex customer service.


Paper saving techniques available when required.

Environmentally friendly and economical

Say goodbye to printed tickets

Data-based decision support

Impressive data visualization, data drilling, dashboards, excel export to save time processing data.


There are many ways to operate in a larger branch or customer service department: employees have their areas of expertise, some of which may overlap. Some workers are only part-time, others unexpectedly drop out and need to be replaced. We have a solution that allows for smooth customer service including these circumstances as well.

Smart queue management for efficiency

 We have a solution that allows for smooth customer service in various different circumstances.

Customer journey

Although customer management and processes may vary in each sector, we would like to provide a simple example of how Linistry can help you put your customers first.


Remote check-in  

Customers can request an appointment, check-in or join a virtual queue remotely from home – by cellphone or with the use of another digital device. They will then receive a digital ticket with updates concerning the queue, and when it is their turn (marketing offers, short surveys via mobile device are also an option).

On site check-in (self-service)

Self-service check-in at branches / customer service points on touch-screen devices. Customer chooses a service and enters a title. In the case of long, on-site queuing, they have the option of providing their mobile number and waiting remotely.


Waiting without joining a queue

No need to join a physical queue, customers are free to spend their time as they wish.


Informing customers

Customer are notified by phone, or can be informed on digital displays at the customer service points when it is their turn.


Providing service

Customer will be called on-site with the name/title they entered at check-in.


Meanwhile, behind the scenes

Based on the data available, the system predicts in advance when to expect more customers, and indicates when more employees are needed, which contributes to more efficient organization and provides quick business intelligence reports.

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