Avoid overcowding, provide your visitors
with a carefree experience.

What are the advantages of partnering with Linistry?

Queuing up at an event for a long period of time can often be the source of dissatisfaction, when the purpose of being there is to be entertained. With Linistry, you can save valuable time for your visitors. Instead of waiting, customers can browse and shop with pleasure while their phones do the queuing.

Linistry queue management in the Events sector

Linistry is a ready-to-use, fully functional digital queue management solution.
Its exceptional flexibility, makes it possible for every individual need to be met.


...whether it's enjoying a show on the main stage or having a coffee in the buffet. It's our job to get visitors to the right place at the right time.

VIP experience, not just for VIP customers

Visitors can be in line in multiple queues at the same time...


It’s not necessary for big crowds to form  to have uncomfortable queues, therefore even smaller events can benefit from our solution.

Mixed use: Linistry can be used at highlight events or throughout programs in general. During consultation, we offer personalized advice on how to implement our system.

Use Linistry as a "fast lane": Digital queuing may be used in addition to traditional on-site waiting. In this case, visitors can decide which one to use.

Operation tailored to the event

Size doesn't matter: Linistry has proven itself at both major international events and at small local programs alike.

Know your visitors

After providing proper data management information and authorization, you may obtain the contact information and preferences of your visitors.


Safe because access to the programs is well monitored with the use of the Linsitry app, therefore violence and abuse can be easily avoided.
Secure because all data involved is protected by up-to-date IT solutions and precautions are in place in accordance with GDPR rules.


Safe and secure

Safe and secure because it reduces on-site queuing and can be implemented well at large events in order to reduce the risk of congestion.

Environmentally friendly and economical

A fully digital operation.

Event statistics

With built-in reports, the critical information of the event can easily be reviewed, such as: the number of people waiting, their distribution in time, and the waiting time.

Customer journey

Although managing queues may differ according to event, we would like to provide a simple example of how Linistry can help you to put your customers first.


Queuing from your phone

Visitors can enter the queue with their phones (browser, chatbot, application, or SMS), or can request an appointment. They will then receive a digital ticket with updates concerning the queue, and when it is their turn (marketing offers, short surveys via mobile device are also an option).

Possibility of specifying according to event to queue only by phone, or as an addition to traditional personal queuing, for which phones serve as an accelerated or VIP-line.


Waiting without joining a queue

No need to join a physical queue, customers are free to spend their time as they wish.


Informing customers

Customers will be notified via phone when it is their turn, and will also be informed about how much time they've got left to get to the location of the event.



Upon arrival, employees check the digital ticket (scan QR code) whithin a few seconds using the Linistry application. Visitors with a valid ticket are immediately able to freely enjoy the program of their choice.


Meanwhile, behind the scenes

Based on the data available, the system indicates the length of the queue (according to visitor numbers and time), in order to optimize the pace of entry or expand entry capacity to avoid big crowds. On request, Linistry can also send quick reports to provide commercially relevant information to those authorized.

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